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Sergio Palomares

Contact Improvisation Teacher

 Sergio is a multidisciplinary artist and passionate of arts of movement. Interested in the integration of different languages of movement like acrobatics, dance and Contact Improvisation.
Background in martial arts, gymnastics, circus and contemporary dance. Circus
acrobatics teacher since 2012 and CI teacher since 2015.
In 2016 he started a journey around different countries of America, Europe and Asia, performing, teaching and participating in many meetings and events about CI, with the goal of knowing, sharing and experiencing how Contact Improvisation is lived in different
regions, communities and cultures. He has facilitated workshops and classes of CI in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala and Uruguay. In 2019 he taught at the Contemporary Circus School of Guadalajara in Mexico, mixing CI and
different circus disciplines.
Among all the dancers and teachers that he has had the opportunity to meet, share and dance, It should be noted for their influence and inspiration: Angelyca Dioniy, Martin Keogh, Mirva Mäkinen, Ingo Reuckle, Anya Cloud and Nancy Stark Smith. In January of 2020 he participated at the January Workshop by Nancy Stark Smith. He currently resides in Barcelona and he teaches as professor of Acrobatics in CI in Enestudio.
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