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Tina Knipschild

creator & mover

Tina Knipschild, creator, mover, dreamer born in Germany, Hamburg

Growing up in big family I always liked the feeling of comfort and support in a community. Dance and music have always been a big part in my life as the curiosity of different cultures in different countries , so I started to travel the world .

Since 2005 I am living in Portugal , here I live with my family growing food,running a little organic cafe and dancing as much as I can . Being part of the portugues contact community is a blessing and contact improvisation for me is not just a dance, it’s healing, life teaching, heart opening and so much fun !!

Always interested in new ideas and creations I am very happy and excited to be in the forgotten land team, connecting with people from all over the word, creating a huge community and changing the word for a better place 🙂

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