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Vega Luukkonen


I am dancer, performance-artist and bodyworker made in Finland. I have studied dance- and theatre pedagogy in Finland, Helsinki- in Theatre Academy of Finland, from where I got my master´s degree 2008. Though – I would say my dearest high-school and university in contact-improvisation has been the finnish contact community, where I have learned so much from my collagues, friends and fellow dancers, by sharing the dance and rolling point over 20 years… 

Contact Improvisation has been my lover since i was a teenager ! So – I´ve gone through many kind of chapters with her. Recently I´m more and more interested in details, fine tuning, listening, presence – accompagnied with deeper understanding of underlying principles of contact improvisation. How can we make our dance sustainable for our bodies? How does this magnificant body works ?  Function of the joints, faschia, muscles ? How can we find effortless, efficient, fluid movement ? Elasticity of our three-dimensional body, open to all directions. 

Breath plays as well big part in my dancing. It brings me naturally into moments of momentum, falling, flying, swinging and bouncing. My movement is informed and inspired by aikido, capoeira and developmental movement patterns. Precision in transitions and curiosity in details are bringing in lightness and effortlessness. I also work with composition and group scores. Expanding out from duet bubbles
into trios and groups, composing the bigger space. 

For me dance is combination of technique and flow. Form and freedom. Being and doing.

I try to find ways to explore by understanding the underlying principles of movement, so that we can stay connected to our own exploration and interest. Where our curiosity can stay alive, and we can always find new details on the way.

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