Fluentbody with Florencia Lamarca 10-16 June 22


Six days of FLUENTBODY in a nourishing rural environment between hills and the sea, close to the warm costs of Algarve, Portugal. In this intensive workshop we will take a journey through movement, dance, connecting and feeling, to explore the intricacies of our stories. We will open doors to new places, awakening physical sensations, which can also work on an emotional level. 

Bodies have their own language They tell a story, and constantly seek to feel as alive and fluid as possible. Uncovering this fluidity gives us the potential to enrich our senses and imagination, to experience lightness and power, and to raise our self-awareness and the capacity for self-healing.


PLACE: Vinha Velha, Barao de São João, Lagos
In a biological Farm and permaculture Project in the south west Algarve/Portugal 15 min to a few of the most beautiful beaches of Europe. 

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Florencia Lamarca

brings 20 years of dance experience, primarily training and performing with Ohad Naharin of Gaga Movement, with having worked as a somatic practitioner since 2011. She has been traveling the world teaching unique workshops combining her extensive knowledge of movement, her choreographic research and her somatic healing approach, Florencia is the founder of the Fluentbody method.

*Fluentbody is for people who want to take charge of their lives, and move out of the limitations of others’ expectations and how they are supposed to be and look. Through both individual sessions and group training, Fluentbody helps people to be generous to their body and mind, to develop a sense of what they want and don’t want, and to gain more of their own strengths and possibilities.

How can we reconnect to my body’s language and fluidity?

When we continue to breath and focus, listening attentively… When we surround these feelings and sensations with breath and recognize that they are contained and held in an immeasurable substance like water or air, intangible, ineffable, but utterly real. The more we search for it, return to it, and accept it, the more we bathe and purify ourselves in the soundless center of our being.


will be offering one-on-one bodywork sessions . We will like to allow time and space for individual processes and we believe that this is a wonderful opportunity. Your first session (60min) is included in the retreat package, if you wish to book more sessions during the 6 days you can contact André directly. The session fee is 70€. 

Andre has a broad variety of experience in body work. Nutrition and coaching and works as a Somatic Therapist and practitioner of the Pantarei approach. He is also a licenced Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist and Physical Pain Specialist. Additionally he is an expert on nutrition, supplements and fasting.

A one-on-one session aims to help you to break through barriers and tap into your own unique sense of strength and purpose; in order to take life-changing steps towards accomplishing your goals.