7 -11 July 2021

Ecstatic Dance Summer Retreat

Ecstatic Dance, Contact Improvisation, African Dance, Singing Circles, Emotional Awareness, Radical Flow, Kundalini Yoga, SPA and Massages.

Registration is open.

Nana Dakini (DJ), Pascal de Lacaze (DJ), Ben Pavlidis (DJ), Erik Manouz (DJ), Swahe (Dj), Nadja Schwarzenbach (Contact Improv), Nago & Sidi Koite (African Dance), Sonia Reifenhäuser (Emotional Awareness), Neelam (Kundalini Yoga), David (Singing Circles/Life Musician)

Connect with a tribe of HEARTs that share the love for dance, music and awareness. Be welcome, precious human being, to this adventure for BODY & SOUL.


Welcome to our guest house with Bavarian ambience and vegan cuisine in the midst of pristine nature and a wonderful view of the valley. Nature Community Schönsee, a place where people jointly develop a field for living and working in connection with humans, animals and the environment.


How to find us

Schönsee lies in the heart of Europe, 6 km from the Czech border.

We are located between Munich (210 km) and Prague (180 km), Regensburg (90 km), Pilsen (90 km) and Nuremberg (130 km).


Address: St. Hubertus 1, 92539 Schönsee


By train and bus:

The closest train station to the community is “Nabburg” (35km).

From there the regional bus 6273 continues to Schönsee.

On Mondays to Fridays this bus runs several times a day, on weekends less often.

Nabburg is well connected to Nuremberg and Regensburg by train with a change in Weiden or Schwandorf.


Enter “Schönsee, Aschabrücke” into the search mask of the German railway to see the current departure times.

The bus stop “Aschabrücke” is 800 m (approx. 10 min walk) away from us.

ATTENTION: Especially on weekends some buses are “Rufbusse”, where you have to reserve seats until 5 pm the day before.


Tickets with which you can get to us cheaply:
Also valid on the regional bus: Bayern Ticket, Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket

Do not apply in regional buses: Servus ticket, Quer-Durchs-Land ticket, Hopper ticket Bayern, Bayern-Böhmen ticket

You can find the latest information on regional special tickets here


If you would like to be picked up at a train station or are looking for another ride-share, you can search for offers at our ride-share-portal or enter your request here.


We as well created a Ride Share Facebook group for this event. Look it up. 


External car-sharing portals such as Blablacar can also often be used to find good and inexpensive rides. Travellers on the much offered Nuremberg-Prague route pass by near Schönsee.



On request and depending on the availability of people/cars we can also pick you up. We charge for outward and return journeys per person:

Oberviechtach oder Waidhaus: 2o EUR (for 1 person), 12 EUR (for 2 persons),  10 EUR (for 3 persons), 8 EUR (for 4 or more persons)
Nabburg: 25 EUR (for 1 person), 16 EUR (for 2 persons),  12 EUR (for 3 persons), 10 EUR (for 4 or more persons)
Weiden oder Schwandorf:  40 EUR (for 1 person), 25 EUR (for 2 persons),  18 EUR (for 3 persons), 15 EUR (for 4 or more persons)
For events we usually offer a collective pickup service from Nabburg station. You will find the time under the respective event. Please take this into account when booking your train.
Contact for booking: shuttle@nature-community.de

100% vegan food by Nature Community kitchen.


coming soon...

Participation is on your own risk. Please note that if you are under medication, or are suffering from any severe physical injuries, please let us know before registering

The organizer reserves the right to cancel the festival, even at short notice, if there is a danger to the well-being of the visitors and organizers, such as viral infections (corona epidemic), storms or natural disasters (fire, hurricanes, floods). In this case the organizer cannot be held liable for private failures. Deposits will be refunded at 100%. To prevent further personal loss, we recommend to take out a travel cancellation insurance.

We reserve the right to refuse your participation, if necessary without giving a reason. In any case you will get your deposit back.

You can reach us at registration@forgotten-land.com for any questions.


We work out a hygiene concept together with the health department and fine-tune it again and again until the end. The incidence of infection in the region is one of the lowest in Germany, currently below 20 per 100,000, so we have reason to hope that it can happen.


There is a lot of space in the Nature Community so we have the possibility to be in well ventilated rooms with a good distance if necessary. If we are asked to wear masks in indoor dance areas, we will move much of it outside as weather permits.


Only people from two households are allowed in the dormitories at any one time.


We will require a PCR test for people coming from risk areas no older than 48 hours. Everyone will be tested with an antigen spit test on arrival and again after 2 days. A fever will also be taken on arrival. People arriving with known symptoms will not be admitted.


All other hygiene regulations regarding cleaning and food serving and preparation as well as the necessary emergency plan are not listed here, but we will hand them out in a hygiene paper for your information.


Your place is reserved after you have paid a deposit to the Nature Community, the account details will be sent to you after the online registration.


We hope it helps you to decide.




 See you 2022 ))

 – € own tent or camper van.
 – € single bed in room with 4 pers.
 –  € single bed in room with 3 people.
 –  € single bed in double room.
 –  € single room.

Meet Your Facilitators

Pascal de Lacaze

Pascal de Lacaze

Pascal de Lacaze from Berlin plays music at events around the globe. His focus on rhythm and dance has made him friends in many communities: Dancers dig how his innovative DJ style connects with his energetic, modern drumming. Musicians & audiences appreciate his steady, rocking world percussion and transcendental grooves. Since 2010 Pascal organizes Ecstatic Dances in Berlin. He is the resident DJ, accompanies his DJ sets with live percussion and cocreates live dance journeys. In workshops and at festivals Pascal facilitates Body Bhajan – a fun and easy combination of chanting and body percussion. He has been on a long musical journey, spanning from drumming on techno raves in the 90ies to being a drum-set player in a Jazz Big Band, conga drummer at club partys and percussionist for acclaimed Sacred music artists like Dave Stringer, Janin Devi, Kevin James Carroll, Lulu & Mischka, Peia. Pascal holds a Master of Arts degree in Cultural Sciences and has worked as a copywriter, editor and social media manager. He is a certified Yoga & AcroYoga teacher and has a deep understanding of how to support nourishing group experiences. www.pascaldelacaze.life .

Ben Pavlidis

Ben is a songwriter, producer, and also known as the frontman of the Berlin based band Ohrbooten. On his musical path he developed a deep passion for bass music and in his DJ-Sets, he is defiantly paying homage to the beloved bass frequency . The half Greek half German grew up in west berlin and the city has always fed him with an eclectic mix of urban ,world, and electronic music. The essence of all his genre is a super danceable mix of global bass music. For the last 3 years Ben has dedicated his passion for music and DJing to ECSTATIC DANCE and recently just started Ecstatic Dance Potsdam as resident DJ. He loves to create a wave with different emotional islands and will always serve a mixture of classics tracks and underground music soaked in a great bass-shower. ° soundcloud.com/ben-pavlidis ° kreismusik.de/de/pavlidis/ ° www.diegaeng.de

Erik Manouz Ecstatic Dance Festival Germany

Erik “Aquario” Manouz

Erik “Aquario“ Manouz Der reisende Weltenmusiker und Multi-Instrumentalist Erik Manouz zelebriert lebendige “Poly-stylistic Heart-music“ – eine Melange aus Folk, Weltmusik und elektronischen beats.
Von tiefgehend bis absolut groovy und tanzbar, von Gänsehaut bis Extase. Und immer ein Hauch von devotional Bhakti Spirit… Manouz ist mit verschiedensten Formationen auf dem Erdenball unterwegs, erschafft mit seiner feinfühligen Art einen ganz eigenen, unverwechselbaren Klangkosmos und versteht sich selbst als “Sammler von uralten und heiligen Liedern“. Diese teilt er unter dem Namen “Aquario“ seit vielen Jahren in Chanting circles und Workshops. Für ihn hat jeder Mensch eine einzigartige, besondere Stimme! In seinen Konzerten und Kreisen geben sich die Zuhörer/Innen dem Moment, dem Fluss, dem Improvisatorischen hin und entdecken gemeinsam im Kreis beim Singen, Tönen & Grooven ihre Stimmen und Klangkörper. Ergänzt durch eine freudige Kombination aus Chanting und Bodypercussion: “The Yoga of sound – having fun!“ website: http://www.aquario-music.com , http://www.manouz.de

Nadja Schwarzbach Contact Improvisation

Nadja Schwarzbach

I am a CI dancer, teacher and improviser based in Freiburg. I passionately practice CI since 2006. My sense for touch and the understanding of the human body moving has been nurtured in many ways. Important was my three years natural medicine training including different massage and bodywork styles and  attending klein technique and axis syllabus classes. Currently I am training to become an Ilan Lev practitioner and a Gestalt therapist. Crucial inspirations for my CI practice come from learning and dancing with Joerg Hassmann, Mirva Mäkinnen and Nancy Stark Smith.  

Nago Koite

Nago Koite

African dance with Nago and Sidy Koité. Dance means above all “coming together”. Its language is universal and works across cultural and geographical borders. There are no language barriers for dance, it sees itself as the “language of the soul”. By overcoming family, religious, social and cultural boundaries, dance creates encounters and leads to uncomplicated, unbiased exchange and togetherness. Nago Koité's teaching is characterized by a deep connection to his family and their African tradition, by his enthusiasm, charisma and joy of life, by his openness towards people of other cultures and his honest concern to lead people to the original source of their life energy and joy of life through dance.  

David Mages

David Mages

David is a gifted multi-instrumentalist and has the extraordinary talent to play innumerable instruments of different cultures in a sensitive and expressive way, giving every music and every moment a very special magic. https://www.laeela.com/

Neelam Mages

Neelam Mages

Neelam is a passionate singer, Kundalini Yoga teacher, gong master and event manager – she touches through the warm and clear sound of her voice and her open, authentic and heart open nature. https://www.laeela.com/

Volker Eschmann

Volker Eschmann

is an artist who positions his artistic work in the context of society. He develops and realize successfully concepts, strategies, and ways of working in the framework of various life-worlds. In relation to systems of expertise he understands non-artistic questions, problems, and prejudices, to respond to these professionally, and ground the relevance of his own work. He studied anthropology in J.W.Goethe University Frankfurt/Main with focus on rituals in traditional communities. Practical anthropological studies with the Griot (trad. mythteller) Nago Koite from Senegal/Berlin in african dance, music and storytelling

Sonia Reifenhäuser

“I CREATE WITH YOU THE EXPERIENTIAL SPACE YOU NEED TO KNOW YOURSELF.” I have organised and held seminars, congresses and festivals on the topics of personal development and cultural change. This has resulted in hundreds of workshops on relationship building, communication, mindfulness, somatic intelligence and body language. I am a Systemic individual, couple and family therapist, Systemic coach with focus on family and organisational constellations, Mental trainer, Somatic Consent Practitioner / Facilitator©, Training in bodywork according to Jirō Murai, Mary Burmeister, Maria van der Wijst, Jana Reinwarth, Holistic nutritionist (Ayurveda & 5elements), www.sonjareifenhaeuser.com

Joshua Swahe

Swahé has played at Festivals and Ecstatic Dances Worldwide, bringing Kundalini Awakening Tribal Bass that is inspired by the Latin, Middle Eastern, and Indigenous Music that is in his blood. He lives in Lago Atitlan, Guatemala

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