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Johanna Wyss

Contact Teacher

My name is Johanna. After an education in physical theatre i worked for 10 years as acrobatic and circus teacher for children and as actress/dancer in several projects.

I started to dance CI 2009 and Tango 2010. These two dances have had a big influence on my live ever since.

Although in the beginning i was interested to bring acrobatic skills to contact improvisation and vice versa, nowadays i am focusing on a very precise contact technique and never get tired to dive deeper in it’s core: the question which possibilities of movement we have in every moment, with and despite the engagement through touch and shared weight.

I love its playfulness and the infinite possibilities that it provides to us in terms of movement, connection and expression.

Additionally CI has teached me a lot. For me a good Jam is a school for life, contact technique gives many hints on how to connect/relate to other beings.  – That’s what brought me to a deep love of the Underscore, a description/guideline for satisfying, nurishing Jams developed by Nancy Stark Smith.(

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