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African Dance Retreat

22 – 28 June 2024     Algarve, Portugal

Lets experience a traditional african week immersed in nature.

With Nago, Nagolino & Sidy Koité and Oumar Koste from Senegal, a week with drum, kora music, dance and singing.

The fiery dances, the passionate singing, the gentle kora music and the pulse of the drum, the gripping rhythms and sounds, evoke movement, energy and joy, rousing everyone… no one is guaranteed to sit still!

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Artistic Vision

African dance with Nago means above all “coming together”. Its language is universal and works across cultural and geographical borders. There are no language barriers for dance, it sees itself as the “language of the soul”. By overcoming family, religious, social and cultural boundaries, dance creates encounters and leads to uncomplicated, unbiased exchange and togetherness. Nago Koité’s teaching is characterized by a deep connection to his family and their African tradition, by his enthusiasm, charisma and joy of life, by his openness towards people of other cultures and his honest concern to lead people to the original source of their life energy and joy of life through dance.  

Nago Koité is an exceptional dancer. His knowledge of African dances is not limited to Sénégal, his home country. He is constantly learning new African dance styles and techniques, experimenting with traditional and modern and practicing on European stages. His charisma is also convincing in his teaching. Over the course of his several years of teaching practice, Nago Koité has adapted to the needs of European dance students. His lessons are full of interesting explanations of the dance steps shown and their integration into African culture, easy to understand and educationally valuable.

Our proposal

Nago and Sidy Koité retreats are legendary. Griots, also known as Guewel, Jali, Gaulo, form the influential artist caste of musicians, singers, drummers, dancers and storytellers in West Africa. They deliver the secrets and customs of their tribe to preserve the origin, character and dignity of the people. The Griots embody the joy of life and the richness of music and dance in West Africa.

African dance has many facets. Each individual African ethnic group has a variety of its own dance traditions. They always express certain feelings, are usually carried out on specific occasions and follow a predetermined pattern. The strong connection between movement and music is common to dance all over the world. African dancers often surprise with their spontaneous improvisation, with precise communication of their steps with the musical accompaniment – mostly percussionists. The choreographies of African dances sometimes incorporate everyday movements. Dancers tell their stories in pantomime.


Quinta Braz


Nago Gueye Koite

Oumar Konte

Sidi Koite

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Closest Airport is Faro by taxi it takes about 25 minutes and costs are 30-40€. There is also a train from Faro central station to Tavira (3-4€) and from there you would need to take a taxi, costing 8-10€. Exact location we will send you after registration.


We recommend to bring your car if you have one. We are about 15 min drive from the ocean. And only 5 min walk to little sweet village with ATM, Cafe, Shop, Postoffice.


There is WIFI Internet, but its slow! Use this days to live the new luxury of being UNPLUGGED and RELAXE completely.


Our wonderfully international team of chefs prepare Mediterranean vegetarian dishes with love and taste. We buy organic food from local farmers as much as possible.
Please contact us in advance if you have any food intolerances.

Ticket Infos

Registration is open!

PRICES // Early bird for the first 7 sold tickets.

580€ in your own tent/camper van

620€ in a rental Tent/ Single simple tent with bedding

655€ in a Belltent/ double occupation with bedding

655€ Tripple room/ single bed/ shared bathroom

700€ Double room/ single bed/ shared bathroom

820€ Single room/queensize bed/shared bathroom

PORTUGUESE residential discount €100 / limited

HELPER discount €80 / on six days help of 1,5 hours



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